Afghan students are required to wear the abaya and niqab and follow…

Afghan students will have to wear a black abaya with a niqab covering the face. They must also take lessons in classes where there are no male students. This is evident from a decree published by the new Taliban regime the day before the reopening of private universities in the country.

The decree published on Saturday said that women registered in those institutions will also have to leave the classroom five minutes earlier than the men, and wait in waiting rooms until these students leave the building.

Older teachers

Universities will also have to appoint female teachers, or try to recruit “older teachers” whose morals have been vetted.

In May 2021, 100 women graduated from the American University of Afghanistan in Kabul
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During the first period of the Islamic movement’s power, between 1996 and 2001, almost all women could not study because of the rule that forbade mixing of classes. Then he was forced to wear a burqa.

The abaya is a long veil that covers the body. The niqab covers the face except for the eyes.

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