Afghan woman gives birth on evacuation flight

The US military deployed a large C-17 transport plane to evacuate civilians from Kabul.
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An Afghan woman who was evacuated from Kabul gave birth to the girl upon her arrival in Germany. The US military says mother and baby are fine.

The Afghan woman was severely pregnant. Perhaps due in part to the stress of the last few days, her contractions started faster than expected. Usually she will not give birth for a few weeks.

The US Air Mobility Command said on Sunday that she labored and eventually gave birth on a US evacuation flight bound for the US base in Ramstein, Germany.

The US Air Traffic Command said: “She began to encounter complications during the flight to the US base Ramstein in Germany.”

“During the flight, the contractions began to intensify and the woman also suffered from medical problems. Her condition improved after the landing of the C-17 transport plane, which increased the atmospheric pressure inside the plane.”

After landing in Ramstein, the woman gave birth to a girl with the help of soldiers in the plane’s hold. Mother and baby are fine.

On Saturday evening, 2,300 evacuees from Afghanistan were flown to Ramstein on 17 planes, with more flights scheduled for Sunday and the following days. Former members of the local US armed forces and their families, who are leaving their country in fear of the Taliban, were initially housed in hangars at the air base. From there they were flown to the United States.

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