Agnes (82 years old) and Marie-José (77 years old) enjoy a visit from a German partner company: “We will continue as long as our health allows.”

Agnes (82) and Marie-José (77) from IJzerwaren Penneman received important visitors at their shop along the Heidebaan in Sint-Niklaas. To celebrate 75 years of partnership with their German supplier Fisher, a delegation from the company went to Waasland to thank their loyal customers.

IJzerwaren Penneman is a household name in Sint-Niklaas: the company has been around for 127 years. With Agnes and Marie-José, it is now the third generation behind the counter at the store along Heideban. “The question of how long we want to keep it is the most common question in our store,” says Marie-José. “As long as we feel good, we will continue to do it Complete desire a job. Where will our customers go?

The company has also been a partner of German Fisher for 75 years, which supplies plugs to Sint-Niklas, among other things. To celebrate this important event, a delegation from the German Headquarters and the Belgian Department visited Agnes and Marie-José.

“Their thanks for our sincere cooperation was a very nice surprise,” the duo said. “We really appreciate that they have an effort To come and visit us, because that is not common these days. We were presented with a beautiful bouquet of flowers, after which we were thanked several times for this lovely welcome.

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