Al-Bahja’s new show on Friday evening

in ‘Starstruck“The goal is not only for the participants to convince the judges with their singing and dancing skills, but above all for them to be able to imitate a global star as best as possible. The new show is a Imitation competition Three impersonators are given the opportunity to convince the jury that they are the best at imitating a global star, from Freddie Mercury to Billie Eilish and from Madonna to Katy Perry. This takes into account appearance, voice, stage presence and the smallest tics. everything He livesso performers are under pressure!

New talents and experienced singers are welcomed on stage. Giving in every episode “Four teams” First their best of three imitators each. So you always see three people imitating the same artist. The jury chooses which of the three was the most convincing, and who moves on to one singing Where he can perform another song. After singing, both the judges and the audience choose the singer who will advance to the grand final. There, 12 imitators will give their best.

The presentation is in the hands of the hostess Laura Tesoro, who will perform in this format solo for the first time on VTM. The jury consists of experienced impersonators and talented theater artists Juja Powell, Natalie Meskins, Bart Kyle, and Nora Gharib. It remains to be seen whether the show will be able to compete with other VTM viewing figures such as “The Voice” and “The Masked Singer.”

The “Starstruck” format, as is often the case, comes from a United kingdom. The first season premiered there in 2022. Versions of the program have also been produced in Denmark, Chile and Bulgaria. There is also a Walloon version in the works for RTL-TVI.

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Watch “Starstruck” this Friday at 8:35pm on VTM or wherever you are Or the Pickx app.

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