All about the new feature of Whatsapp

Whatsapp introduces a new feature called Community. Only an administrator can share messages with large groups. This function can be useful for companies and schools, for example. In this article we explain how you can use the new functionality of Whatsapp.

What exactly does the new feature involve?

You can easily click on the community function in the WhatsApp overview. This would make the app more user friendly and accessible. You can use this new environment to create group chats where only the administrator can send messages. This can be ideal, for example, for event organizations that work with many volunteers, schools and sports clubs, and for different companies. In this way, the administrator can quickly and clearly share the message that remains clearly visible. In channels, the administrator can use all the options that are also shown in the “normal” chat. Think text, photos, videos, posters and polls.

Searchable directory

Not only is it a simple and quick tool for communicating with a large group, but it also offers another advantage. Whatsapp also has a searchable directory built into it. Here you can search for the channels you want to follow. These channels can provide updates, so you are aware of the latest messages. Administrators can respond intelligently to this. For example, the city council could share the latest news on this channel, introduce a new restaurant offer or you could even think of a channel where you can learn a new language.

When is the update available?

Whatsapp always does its best to continually improve the app and make sure that the app runs fast and doesn’t crash. As a result, they are constantly developing new functionality to make the app easier and more accessible. Many reactions show that people are very curious about this new feature. It is not yet clear when the feature will work for everyone. It is recommended to update the application, so that you are using the latest version.

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