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The full and official version of Android 12 won’t appear until later this year. Now the third public beta has been released. In this version we see all kinds of new functions, Android Planet line them up.

Read on after the announcement.

Android 12 Beta 3

It will be a while before Android 12 It has already been released, but until that time several beta versions will appear. Now it’s time to release the third beta of Android 12, the public beta that contains many innovations. Curious? We’ve listed several of them, so read on quickly.

long shots

Taking long screenshots, also known as “scrolling screenshots” has become a feature in Android itself. If you can do it now, it is a function of your device manufacturer. Besides, you can create an image, for example, a longer web page, Instagram feed or a conversation in one go The WhatsApp.

Adjust screen orientation faster

Sometimes switching between portrait and landscape mode can take a long time. The icons get a different place and the layout should be displayed again. In Android 12, that is up to 25 percent faster. If you have a Pixel 4 or later, use The Google Also the front camera.

More options for themes (colorful)

Android 12 is all about the new design, known as material you. In the third public test version, you can also start it yourself. Choose a background and the color of the icons will be adjusted accordingly. But also different colors for widgets or the quick settings menu.

If you don’t like the automatic adjustments at all, you can put together a great color palette manually. Also, the new “Theme Icons” functionality can now be used. The issue of enabling the function and all device icons are set in good color. However, this (of course) does not work with all applications.

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