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From now on, traffic in Paris must adhere to a new top speed of 30 kilometers per hour in almost the entire city. The rule, previously applied to 60 per cent of roads, should improve the quality of life in the French capital. The speed reduction comes after a survey in the city.

The speed limit will not be lowered on a number of important streets. For example, traffic on the Champs Elysees is still allowed to drive at 50 km/h. On the ring road around Paris, the speed limit of 70 km / h will still apply, if there is no traffic jam.

The Paris city council took advantage of the outbreak last year to open up 52 kilometers of additional bike paths. In addition, there were also more parks, bicycle shades, and public meeting places in places where cars used to drive until recently.

In the poll, 59 percent of Parisians agreed with the speed limit. That should result in a quarter of the number of accidents, less noise, and more space, especially for cyclists. The city council also hopes to limit the number of cars in Paris with a speed limit. Brussels and some other European cities have also imposed speed limits on car traffic in recent months and years

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