Alone with only birdsong

There’s an amazing new song climbing the charts in the UK. On one Let nature sing For 2.5 minutes, only birdsong could be heard. He is now in eleventh place top 100 singles chart, Between songs by Avicii and Taylor Swift, among others.

Endangered bird species

The song, including a video in which people imitate birds with their hands, was commissioned by Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) posted on YouTube. Through the video, the organization wants to draw attention to 25 endangered bird species in the United Kingdom.

More than 40 million birds have disappeared in England, Scotland and elsewhere since 1966, according to the RSPB. “Just listen to them again! Soon it may be completely quiet,” they offer as a message.

Not just a whistle

They are not random bird sounds in random order: there is a melody in them. Bird sounds were used as instruments. The tune was composed by Bill Barclay, the theatre’s music director shakespeare’s Globe, and British folk musician Sam Lee.


The organization started a fundraising campaign with the song. Anyone who purchases the song via iTunes or Google Play or listens to it via Spotify, Deezer, Tidal and other streaming services contributes to this initiative. Never before has a song composed entirely of birdsong reached number one, and if it did, history would be made.

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