Alpaca sparks passion in the UK: Should he die?

The British alpaca Geronimo has tested twice positive for contagious bovine tuberculosis and should therefore be disposed of by the UK Department of the Environment. Vet and owner Helen MacDonald believed the tests were a false positive. Dozens of protesters care about the animal’s fate and want to save the alpacas.

MacDonald has been trying to save the animal for four years, and since then he has gone to the Supreme Court, but to no avail. She lost the lawsuit, which means Geronimo should die within four weeks. According to British media, an arrest warrant has been issued against the alpaca.

On Monday, dozens of demonstrators demonstrated in front of Parliament in London to protest the ministry’s decision. More than 100,000 people have so far signed an online petition to save the alpacas. Even a spokesman for Prime Minister Boris Johnson spoke about it. “The fact remains that Geronimo tested positive for tuberculosis twice, using a very reliable and validated test. The Ministry of Environment has researched this issue extensively.” Impressive detail: Stanley Johnson, the father of the prime minister, meanwhile, has spoken out in favor of a moratorium on executions.

The case has been going on for four years. In 2017, MacDonald sent Geronimo to England from New Zealand. He has been in quarantine all this time, due to a positive test for bovine tuberculosis. However, MacDonald does not believe the tests are valid, because they are outdated and unreliable, she said. In New Zealand, Geronimo was said to have tested negative four times.

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