American regulator: “About 106 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft face an electronic problem” | abroad

According to the US FAA, about 106 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft are affected by an electronic problem. This problem also turned out to be more urgent than expected: No solution found yet. She added that the Federal Aviation Administration is working closely with the aircraft manufacturer.

The Wall Street Journal published one about two weeks ago Possible electronic malfunction on some of the 737 MAX units. Early this month, Boeing asked sixteen customers to stop these aircraft as a precaution.

The problem was “caused by the use of a layer of paint that may interfere with the ground paths. This grounding ensures that the electronic system will not be overloaded if the equipment is not properly isolated.” No accident was reported due to the defect.

The 737 MAX has been decommissioned worldwide since spring 2019 after two accidents within months. Either way, a safety system appeared to push the nose down, even when it wasn’t necessary. Hundreds of people died in crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia. Just a few months ago, the devices were launched for use again.

US airlines in particular are now affected by the new problems, while air traffic is gradually recovering.

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