American woman bitten to death by black bear, police kill an animal and two cubs | abroad

A woman was killed in an attack by a black bear in the US state of Colorado. Later, police and conservationists managed to track down the animal and shoot it as a “precaution,” along with its cubs.

Bear attacks are very sporadic in the United States. The Colorado government said this was the fourth fatal accident since 1960.

It was the 39-year-old woman’s partner who found his girlfriend dead in the town of Durango, about 350 miles southwest of the capital, Denver. The man had come home around 8:30 PM and found only his dogs right away, but had not found his girlfriend. On a nearby road where the woman often took dogs for a walk, he found the dead body.

According to the police, the bear had “partially eaten” the body, and the place where the woman was attacked was littered with bear’s fur and excrement. With the help of search dogs, police and conservationists tracked down the bear. The 10-year-old and her two co-workers were shot as a “precaution”. The bodies will be investigated.

An estimated 19,000 heavy bears live in the wild in Colorado. Only three other fatal attacks on humans have been recorded since 1960. Animals are regularly spotted in villages near their habitat, attracted by trash and eaten in boxes.

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