An American family discovers at least five bears squatting under the house: “We heard snoring” | the animals

In the US state of California, the family received very unexpected guests. For example, a local animal organization discovered a black bear and its four cubs, who are about a year old, under the house. The animals were holed up there in the winter to hibernate. Residents have been hearing “snoring sounds” for several months and have not been able to tell where they came from until now.

The tenants of the home in Lake Tahoe, California, were left guessing the cause of the strange noise. Residents also asked their neighbors if they were experiencing noise pollution, but they weren’t aware of anything. The family decided to call in reinforcements and contact the “BEAR League,” an organization that works for the safety of bear populations in the area. Animal rescuers eventually found the bears somewhere to crawl under the house.


According to Anne Bryant, president of the organization, the bears have been hiding under the house since December. The animals are said to hibernate in the crawl space. “The sounds residents heard were likely bears snoring and rolling,” Bryant said. “The bears don’t go into deep hibernation, but they are in a lighter state,” she said.

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Animal rescuers managed to chase the mother bear from the crawl space. Then her cubs came out one by one from under the house. Suddenly one, two, three, four cubs came from under the house. When the residents contacted us, they had no idea that a lot of bears were hiding under the house,” says Bryant. The animals did not cause any damage to the house, which is very exceptional.

In the end, the BEAR League transported the five bears safely to a nearby forest.

Attacks and raids

California, and especially the Lake Tahoe area, regularly sees bears infesting homes. Last year, for example, a woman was attacked by a black bear after it crept into her home. In addition, “Hank the tank”a bear weighing at least 226 kilograms, along with other black bears famous for raiding homes in the neighbourhood.

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