An exceptionally heavy rush hour in the evening on Flemish roads, “and it is expected that they will be very crowded tomorrow”

Today is Thursday, it’s exceptionally busy on the roads. The main reason is rain. At around 5pm there were about 200km of traffic jams and it will likely be a while before traffic flows more smoothly again, it looks like in the Flemish traffic hub.

In fact, it was busy all day on Thursday on the Flemish autobahns, although there have been relatively few accidents to report, notes Peter Bruyninks of the Flemish Traffic Centre. On the E313, for example, there were accordion traffic jams since noon and this was also the case on many other important motorways in Flanders.

“A lot of people are on vacation and planning trips. But the main reason is the weather. It’s been wet and gray all day. In fact, our traffic center people often have trouble seeing the detail of the images from the traffic cameras along the highways. ” says Bruyninckx, who forecasts It would take some time before all the traffic jams were resolved, fortunately, there weren’t many accidents.

Hence we cannot complain. It is even worse in the Netherlands. With nearly 1,500 kilometers of traffic jams, Thursday evening is the busiest evening rush hour of the year, according to the Dutch road service ANWB report. There is a real traffic jam around Rotterdam.

Friday is busy

Also tomorrow, Friday, will be very busy. “Friday is usually the smoothest day in the morning rush hours, but it is the busiest evening rush hour. As we are facing a long weekend, we can expect to be very busy now. In and around Antwerp, we expect the evening rush hour to start around noon. For example, many Dutch and Germans who go to the sea pass along the Antwerp ring road, ”says Peter Bruyninks.

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