And now the sports strike? Christian Eriksen a few minutes…

Danish footballer Christian Eriksen is lucky to be alive, but it is unlikely that he will ever play football again. That’s says sports cardiologist Sanjay Sharma, who previously worked with the Tottenham Hotspur footballer, after Eriksen went into cardiac arrest.

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During the European Championship match between Denmark and Finland, the 29-year-old midfielder collapsed shortly before the end of the first half on Saturday. Eriksen was revived in the field for several minutes before being taken to hospital. The match was halted for a while, but could eventually come to an end when Eriksen was found to be in stable condition.

According to Professor Sanjay Sharma, Professor of Sports Cardiology at a University in London, football organizations will be “very strict” about allowing Eriksen to play again. Sharma, who has worked with Eriksen at Tottenham, confirms that something has gone wrong. “This guy underwent normal exams until 2019, so how do you explain this cardiac arrest?”

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“She died a few minutes ago.”

According to the cardiologist, the fact that Eriksen is awake now is a very good sign. “That means his prospects are good,” Sharma continues. “I don’t know if he will ever play football again. It might sound rude: but Eriksen died for a few minutes. Would the medical professionals risk letting him die again? The answer is no.”

“The good news is that he will live, and the bad news is that he may have reached the end of his career. He should not be allowed to play in the UK, we are very strict about that.”

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Denmark’s national coach, Kasper Hjolmand, struggled to stop his tears during the post-match press conference against Finland. “It was a traumatic experience,” he said.

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The Danish Football Association sent out a tweet on Sunday morning about Eriksen’s condition. “We spoke to him this morning,” the statement said. “He sends his regards to his teammates. His condition is stable and he remains in hospital for further tests. The team and staff have received support in case of crisis and will be there for each other after yesterday’s incident. We want to thank all of Eriksen’s generosity, fans, players and royal families in Denmark, England and the Federation.” International Football Associations, Clubs, etc. We encourage everyone to send us messages of support so that they can be passed on to Eriksen and his family.”

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