Andre Rio Week: The impact of music on your health

The Vrijthof from Maastricht is once again entirely dedicated to André Rieu’s traditional concerts.

From July 10th to 14th, L1 presents a special program every day from the glamorous theater at the Vrijthof in Maastricht. We take a unique look behind the scenes of the annual gala. How does the concert series come about? Where do all the visitors come from? And what makes his fret so unique? In five episodes, presenters Fabian Nijsten and Jo Courtenrydt discuss it with the guests at the table and of course with Andre Rio himself.

On the July 11 broadcast

In the second broadcast we discuss the impact of music on health. André Rieu is back at the table himself and neuropsychologist Erik Scherder joins us too, he can tell us what music does for your brain.

Furthermore, cardiologist Janneke Wittekoek is a guest who tells us the importance of keeping moving. To be able to give so many concerts, sport is very important to Rio, so how important is it to ask Rio’s personal trainer Rod Grancé.

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