Android 14 Beta 1 is full of many bugs: here they are

The trial version is of course intended for software testing. Does it already work well enough to be presented to the general public, and if not, what could be better? With the launch of the Android 14 beta online last week, bugs also appeared. Lots of bugs fixed, not all fixed yet.

After two Developer Preview builds, we’ve had access to the Android 14 beta since last week. While the Developer Preview was for developers to feature i’s and go over the elements of their creations, it turns out that it didn’t go well in all cases. We’ve recorded all the errors we’ve encountered: and there are just a few.

1. crash

If you start beta, you’ll actually run into a problem: the service feels the need to give you a popup that it’s crashing. This service seems to be linked to your smartphone connection and is therefore very necessary. Some people can’t even make calls because of this. For some people, doing a power cycle (which turns your device off and on in the usual way) has worked.

2. You do not know the type of mobile connection you have

You know it: you always see at the top of your screen what type of mobile connection you have. Usually something you probably don’t care about in your day-to-day life, but when you’re suddenly thinking outwardly, eg: “Hey, this looks different.” In Android 14 Beta 1, this won’t bother you: you won’t see it at all. A big problem, because you will have to find out what kind of mobile connection your phone has. If you want to get it to work, turning off WiFi, turning off the Sim slider for a while and then turning it back on can help (via institutions -> network -> Internet -> molar.

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3. Wallpapers cannot be used via settings

Want to put a cool new wallpaper on your Pixel phone? As long as you are an Android 14 beta user, you can write that in your intuition in the settings way. You cannot access the wallpapers via settings. It is a bug in the icons theme. Are you still putting that new background? Then do it via the Photos app.

Android 14 Beta 1 wallpaper bug

4. Crazy apps

Important apps like Google Pay, PayTm and Google One VPN, but also games like Clash Royale and Clash of Clans are having issues. They act strangely and don’t run flawlessly from a long shot. With one, one is acting crazy, the other isn’t: there’s no level to raise. Even uninstalling these apps causes freezes.

5. Notifications screen got stuck

Yes, you read that correctly: the screen that should be letting you know that something is not going right is not working properly. The status bar for some users is flashing every time they scroll down in the notification shade. Google is working on a fix, as there doesn’t seem to be a solution at the moment. All you can do is wish you were one of those people who don’t mind.

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6. Ambient display and always-on display do not work with wireless charging

Fortunately, if you want to charge your smartphone wirelessly, you can still do so, but displaying notifications on your screen in the meantime won’t work. Not if you don’t unlock it first, because the always-on ambient display won’t work as long as you’re charging wirelessly. So maybe plug it in the old fashioned way.

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Do you have Android 14 Beta 1 and have you already run into problems? Or better yet, do you have solutions? Leave them now in the comments.

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