Android Auto main function disappeared after software update

Google Maps after Android Auto update is untraceable in the smart car operating system. Read more about the hidden app here.

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Android Auto: Google Maps no longer available?

since update Android Auto 7.2 It is impossible for some people to do this Google Maps To open. The navigation app has disappeared in many systems running Android Auto after the update.

The popular route finding app or recording breakfast on the road can still be opened on your phone, but it’s missing on the dashboard screen. also cross Google Assistant Maps cannot be started. Letting users know that they are getting an ‘Application unavailable’ notification. Different messages on Support Forums From Google reporting this problem.

Android Auto Solutions for Missing Google Maps

Are the maps no longer available with you? Let us know in the comments below this article. However, there are several solutions that you can try to solve this problem. First of all, we advise you to wait a little longer with the update to the new version of Android Auto 7.2, until Google solves this problem.

The Android Auto division of the tech giant has acknowledged this issue and is looking for solutions. If you have already installed the update, this is an option for wizz for download and use. This navigation app also works with Google Maps. Another great alternative is Sygic, for example.

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Are you through this software glitch Still looking for the best bakery in town or the strongest cup of coffee? Then disconnect your device from Android Auto and open Google Maps on your phone. Make sure to put your smartphone in a phone holder in front of your car so that you can walk on the road as safely as possible.

More about Android Auto

Google Maps is one of the most important features of Android Auto. This operating system for the latest cars is the link between the media screen of your dashboard and your Android smartphone. Apps run on the latter, which makes keeping them updated even faster.

In addition to Google Maps, it is possible to easily play songs through the car speakers spotify or YouTube Music, get notified of your next appointment in Google Calendar on your dashboard or you can receive messages from The WhatsApp It can be read by the digital assistant.

There have been cars that support Android Auto since 2015, but since 2021 the software can also be used officially in the Netherlands. Do you have a working smartphone Android 10 or higher? Then you have Android Auto on your phone as standard. If you have an older version and also want to use the software, you can also unplug the app Download and install.

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