Android only possible in sight 64-bit

How far are we from exclusive Android based on 64-bit architecture? This is still just a guess, but next year it is likely that the first product that works solely based on this architecture will be launched. Mishaal Rahman Esber Spotted the phrase “Make Tangor only 64-bit” in Code from the Android Open Source Project.

Now, Tangor is the codename for the already announced Google Pixel Tablet and it looks like Google just wants the tablet to support 64-bit Android. It looks like this product will be Google’s first test to see how an Android device with only 64-bit support will like and work.

Currently, 32-bit support is largely available on the Android platform. At least, the new apps in the Google Play Store are based on Sweetened The code must be developed on the basis of 64-bit architecture since 2019. Moreover, there is always an option for applications and other applications to use 32-bit foundations. It is reported that many manufacturers are also working on chips with 64-bit support only.

As an extension of this, it’s best that Android slowly transitions to this architecture. In addition to compatibility, there are also several major advantages associated with it. Security is one and performance is perhaps more important. A 64-bit register can simply process an enormous amount of data per given unit of time. In addition, Arm processors, for example, already have a few cores that can handle 32-bit code, and the rest is already reserved for 64-bit.

Google Pixel Tablet may be the first Android device that only supports the 64-bit version of the operating system and companion apps

Mishaal RahmanAnd the via Ars Technica

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