Android takes the first step to the desired feature

Google’s latest Android tool, Data Recovery Tool, has been updated. The latest version is preparing for one of the most requested functions of the popular WhatsApp chat app. It becomes possible to transfer your conversations from your Android device to iOS device.

Good to know that this new update is just getting ready. In the event that WhatsApp launches the functionality, Android smartphones are ready to use this feature. Although we still have to wait until From the chat app Job posting.

WhatsApp feature is closer thanks to Android gadget

WhatsApp is the perfect app for many to keep in touch with friends and family. Still, there is something most users struggle with. When you get a new phone, and with that switch to a new operating system, you’ll be leaving your conversations behind. It simply cannot transfer your chats from Android to iOS and vice versa. not even with New multi device الجهاز The support that WhatsApp is currently working on.

Android’s built-in data recovery tool changes that, by the way. It is currently possible to transfer your photos, apps, and files in this way, regardless of which operating system you come from. The latest update, version 1.0.382048734, should ensure that your WhatsApp chats are covered as well.

When you use an Android data recovery tool, you will see a QR code at some point. This can then be checked using your iPhone, which takes you directly to the WhatsApp migration settings. From there, it is possible to transfer your conversations.

How long will it be?

There has been talk for some time now about the ability to transfer your WhatsApp chats from Android to iOS and back. However, the job was not imminent yet. Updating a Google gadget is a good first step, but the ball is still in WhatsApp.

WABetaInfo, the most reliable source in this field, also says that WhatsApp is busy with the job. The first options have already been spotted in the beta version of the app, which simply means that the possibilities are being tested. If the job was really that far, we probably wouldn’t have to wait that long.

WhatsApp is finally heading out to address one of the biggest downsides

In addition to this function, WhatsApp has also made some changes in the field of images. Curious how is this? Make sure to read the above article Jeroen wrote about it.

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The new Android gadget update is the first step in rolling out the popular WhatsApp feature

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