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Spotify is changing the way it pays royalties to musicians. And some artists aren’t really happy about that. There is no protest against two of these changes.

For example, there is no objection to the measure that production companies will have to pay compensation if they are caught in a blatant live broadcast scam. And no one can argue against the fact that Spotify only pays for audio that isn’t music (think static or white noise) after two minutes of listening. This is instead of listening after thirty seconds, as is the case with normal music.

What some people have a problem with is that songs or tracks will only earn money if they are played at least a thousand times within a twelve-month period. For beginner artists, the chance of earning something is much lower this way. A song streamed less than a thousand times barely brings in $25 cents or less per month. Conclusion: This new measure will not make much difference for artists.

It’s also not that the streaming giant wants to earn more with this latest move; According to Spotify, the savings will reach forty million dollars. An amount placed in a pot to be distributed to the artists who listen to it the most. (Faj)

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