Anger over ‘survivor’ game in French prison

There was an uproar in France over a game played at Fressens prison between prisoners, guards, and the neighborhood youth. However, the prison system gave permission and everything went smoothly, it seems.

Koh Lanta It is a rated rifle on French TV. It’s a survival program filmed in southern Thailand where participants compete against each other in all kinds of survivor disciplines, although that can be seen widely. Youtuber Gabriel Drama has made his own version of it called Kulanis. The goal was to raise money for disadvantaged youth.

Interestingly, the game was filmed in the prison of Fressens, in the province of Val-de-Marne. Participants were selected from among inmates, guards, and juveniles from outside the prison. They compete against each other in various disciplines: from kart racing to shooting and even diving competition. All staged in the prison courtyard and filmed by a professional camera crew.

But now that the photos are popping up on social media, criticism is suddenly coming from all sides. Especially from politicians, although the judiciary has allowed this. The Minister of Justice is angry because he was not even notified by his administration.

Swimming pool is full

Everything went well, the initiative was well prepared in advance, and several meetings were held with everyone involved, says Philippe Cohn, regional secretary of the Prison Guard Union in Paris.

However, many feel that such games do not belong in prison. In addition, the opposition says, it is completely dry and France is groaning under the wildfires. Is it time to fill up a large prison swimming pool that was removed after the shooting? Could this water not be better used for extinguishing? “

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Meanwhile, an investigation was opened to find out who approved the initiative and why senior French ministers were not informed.

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