Anthropoid Claude can generate claims for himself.

Having trouble asking Claude the right question? Claude’s new feature lets the chatbot generate prompts for itself.

Since GenAI’s Breakthrough Hits the Workplace Rapid Engineering It has become a critical skill. The quality of an AI’s output depends on many factors, including the question you ask the chatbot. Small details in your wording can make a big difference in the outcome.

Anthropy comes up with a new one. Fast generator For Claude 3.5 Sonnet where Claude helps you formulate prompts for Claude.

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Question and Answer

With Claude’s claim generator, creating a claim is easy. You describe the task you want Claude to perform and the AI ​​assistant suggests how you can request it. You can then instantly enter the claim into Claude to get the result.

Still not quite sure where you stand? Then you can also test the claims extensively. In the Test Center, you can play with the input variables in the prompt and test how they change the output of Claude.

Source: Anthropy

Anthropic also offers the option to compare the results of multiple prompts or rate the changes you make to the prompt on a five-point scale. With all these tools, anyone can become an engineer quickly.

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