Apex Legends takes on a new dimension

Apex Legends gets a highly anticipated new mode, but it might not be what you were hoping for.

You have today Return at she It revealed that it will be launching Apex Legends for the Nintendo Switch on March 9th. Additionally, the companies announced that they are also offering a “no fill” single queue option in Apex Legends. If that sounds good, uncheck Lobby and your matchmaking system will send you into the fight without adding any of your teammates. However, you can still encounter duos and trios, so this mod is an added difficulty. Not what many players expected, but a welcome addition.


This single queue cannot be used in seeded gameplay. Also, no more than six players are allowed in a match. However, individual choice at least realizes that many people don’t want to have teammates, whether it’s lonely wolves frequently or just not feeling socially connected. This new ability provides players with creative opportunities to play the game their own way. Many players were waiting for it.

Chaos theory happened

More news, there will be a new event for Chaos Theory. This is for the launch on Converts In order to celebrate. What can we expect from it? The amount of leather and legacies will be of a special nature. But there are also some functional changes on the way. For example, the Survival Slot will feature the Situational Utilities, including a new Heat Shield element that temporarily protects you from damage outside of the ring. The shield is especially useful for reviving fallen allies or taking out weak teams. From its launch on March 9th until March 23rd, it will be bringing together the Chaos Theory Collection Poem To Caustic – the infamous killer world in the Outlands.

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