Apparently living in this place is good for your mental health

It’s nothing new that where you live can affect your mental health. This concerns, for example, whether friends and/or family live nearby. Research shows that there is something else you can take into consideration: people who live in this place are less likely to suffer from psychological complaints.

Apparently living in this place is good for your mental health

Some have known from an early age that they will continue to live in their home village or city; Others move a little further away, for example for love or work. Or maybe you got so fed up with the Dutch climate that you migrated to more tropical places. Just think of the countless celebrities who flee to Ibiza for a few months in the fall. Unfortunately, this luxury is not available to everyone; But there is something you can take into consideration when you are looking for a new place to live.

Because guess what? research Health and location pointing to People who live near the sea have much better mental health than those who live far from the sea or ocean. More specifically: People who live within 1 km of the coast are 22% less likely to suffer from mental health problems than people who live more than 50 km away. Did you know that this amazing Dutch city was recently named the best city in Europe?

Soothing effect of the sea

But why is living near the sea so good for you? The same study claims that simply gazing at the vastness of the ocean can have a calming effect. The feeling of being “small and insignificant,” next to this powerful element of nature, can evoke a sense of awe and wonder. The latter has been scientifically proven to have positive psychological and emotional effects.

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