Apple announces the biggest innovation in the MacBook Air

Apple is working on the biggest upgrade for the MacBook Air since its launch in 2008. Several sources are predicting this based on leaks from last year.

MacBook Air is Apple’s thinnest and lightest laptop. In 2021, Apple renewed the model with the Apple M1 processor. Based on this, Bloomberg expects Apple to introduce the MacBook Air next year with an Apple M2 processor, a revamped design and an improved display. The prediction was previously confirmed by Pictures Which according to analyst LeaksApplePro (Twitter) has been leaked.

In addition, Bloomberg expects to introduce a new version of the Mac mini. Bloomberg also mentioned an iMac Pro version with a larger screen. Reasonable specs for iMac Pro announced at the end of October 2021 Mutual dylandkt door analyzer (twitter).

Bloomberg also predicts the arrival of the accessible MacBook Pro, the wirelessly rechargeable iPad Pro, and the tiny Mac Pro with 40 CPU cores and 128 GPU cores. Finally, the organization anticipates the launch of a proprietary VR headset, a powerful variant of the Apple Watch and the long-awaited iPhone 14.

Goodbye SIM card

None of the predictions are new: each introduction is derived from text and product images previously leaked by famous analysts.

One such analyst, dylandkt, recently shared that Apple will soon be moving to eSIM inputs for iPhones. The information may come from reliable sources within Apple. If the message is correct, then the long-awaited iPhone 14 does not have a SIM card, but it does have an eSIM entry.

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