Apple introduces a digital diary for all users: Is “daily journaling” really good for our physical and mental health?

Is it safe to share your deepest thoughts with Apple?

The tech company offers a number of suggestions in the new app to get you writing, “What’s the coolest thing you’ve seen recently? How does that make you feel?”

In the app you will see a map showing the places you have recently visited. In addition, the app displays photos you’ve taken of the places you’ve visited. You’ll also see photos you’ve taken of yourself with others.

“This gives the app a huge advantage over other diary apps out there, which don’t have all this information readily available,” says Tom Van Daele, coordinator of the Psychology and Technology Research Line at Thomas More University of Applied Sciences.

But once again you are faced with the huge amount of information that this company has about you.

Do you want to keep this personal information digitally on your mobile phone and also share it with Apple?

You can encrypt your iPhone and set an additional passcode for the Diary app.

Furthermore, the company claims that the information in the diary app is only stored locally on the mobile phone. It also claims that this information is not accessible.

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