Apple is giving more clarity about removing old apps

Apple has given more clarity in a new statement about its intent to remove old apps that are no longer up to date from its App Store. For example, the update period has been extended.

Last month Email leak The tech giant announced that it will remove outdated apps from its App Store for a long time. This message was also posted on their website. Concretely, this concerns applications that have not been updated “for a long time”. Developers are given 30 days to update apps. An update to be offered after this period may also result in a refund of the app in the App Store.

Apple’s announcement caused great concern among developers. Common arguments have been that these apps still work well on modern systems. Also, many developers have argued that older apps should be viewed as finished work, needing no or no updates. Other developers have indicated that Apple will be inconsistent, as there are still many old apps that have not been threatened with removal.

Apple comes with mods

The tech giant has attracted criticism and has… New ad to go this way. In this updated statement, the update from Its App Store Improvements Page, the tech giant stated that the announced removal process is part of a longer ongoing process; Since 2016. This process is said to have removed 2.6 million outdated apps so far.

In the statement, Apple also provides more clarity about the exact period of time for out-of-date apps to be removed. While the term was initially vague, it has now been clearly defined by three years. In addition, the tech giant notes that updates count not only in the removal process, but also the number of times the application has been downloaded in recent years. With this, Apple wants to point out that it does not have an inconsistent policy. A period of one year applies to the latter category.

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Extended response period

Finally, the time period in which developers can respond while updates are still being made has also been adjusted. This has been extended from 30 days to 90 days. When apps are a special case and difficult to update during this period, the tech giant is calling developers in particular to sound the alarm. In this case, a different term can be arranged.

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