Apple is working on a system that will protect your stolen iPhone from being stolen

Apple will add a new feature to the upcoming iOS 17.3 update for iPhones. This is stolen device protection, a feature that will make iPhone thieves more difficult.

In the news: despite of iOS 17.2 It just became available apple Already working on iOS 17.3. This will include an important new security feature while protecting stolen devices.

What is the protection for a stolen device?

  • Stolen Device Protection is a new feature that users can choose to activate or not. When the feature is enabled, you must use Face ID or Touch ID on your iPhone to change passwords or do certain other things on your iPhone.
  • If Stolen Device Protection is set, it will activate if your iPhone is located somewhere it normally wouldn’t be. In this case, Apple suspects that the device may have been stolen.
  • Currently, thieves can bypass using Face ID or Touch ID if they somehow obtain your digital password. This will no longer be possible with stolen device protection. It’s still possible to unlock your iPhone using this, but it doesn’t give you access to many settings and functions. So they will not be able to change, unlock or delete your Apple ID from your iPhone. With these methods a stolen iPhone cannot be resold.

when? The new Stolen Device Protection feature will likely be part of iOS 17.3. It is not yet known when the new update will be available. If so, you still have to manually activate stolen device protection in your settings under “Face ID & Password.”

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