Apple may also come with color MacBooks after the color iMac

the new Colors The M1 iMac is proving to be very popular among consumers. So Apple also plans to provide the next generation MacBook with brilliant colors. At least, that’s what Apple expert Jon Prosser says, which is based on advice from the same person who also correctly predicted the colors of the new iMac.

According to John Prosser, his source is completely positive: “Apple plans to launch a color MacBook.” So the color prototypes may already be on Apple’s test stand.

Colorful MacBook

Prosser posted a message about the arrival of Apple’s color laptops on Twitter today, along with a link to his YouTube show. Tech front page Where he tells it at length. But which model gets a colorful makeover?

The whole story surrounding the message about color laptops is still not entirely clear. For example, we are actually expecting a 14-inch MacBook Pro to come pre-rendered. Does Prosser mean this MacBook Pro will be outfitted with color? Or will Apple soon surprise us with a comeback: a new MacBook.

The release date is still unclear

At the moment, it seems unlikely to us that a business laptop like the MacBook Pro will be supplied with color. That would be more like a “regular” MacBook, and more for home use. Finally, we can still think of the MacBook Air, which has a colorful future.

If we talk about colors … this isn’t the first time that Apple has introduced color laptops. All in 1999 Apple created the iBook G3, which was available in five – exceptional for its time – brilliant colors.

More announcements and news from Prosser

Would you like to see Prosser YouTube in its entirety, with previews including an ad for MacBook color, for yourself? You can do this below:

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Apple may also come with color MacBooks after the color iMac

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