“Apple prepares iPhone 16 for videos for Vision Pro glasses”

According to insiders, Apple not only wants to move the camera lenses with the iPhone 16, but also change the design of the camera island.

In this way, Apple is preparing all iPhones for the upcoming Apple Vision Pro. The new camera position makes it possible to create videos in spatial video format, which you can watch on Vision Pro. The film depth of the two lenses can be viewed with glasses. Right now, the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max are the only iPhones that use the spatial video format

According to a report MacRumors The iPhone 16 was tested with two different camera island designs. One design matches the current iPhone 15’s camera bump, but with the lenses placed vertically instead of diagonally (similar to the iPhone 12).

The other design is similar to the iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone X, with a vertical camera design that includes both lenses. According to the report, it is not yet certain what choice Apple will ultimately make. At the moment, the preference is for the iPhone 12 design, but this may change.

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