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Artificial intelligence draws your new profile picture and the popular game Apex Legends arrives on smartphones. These are the apps of the week.

Apex Legends Mobile

popular game Apex Legends Now available for smartphones. Apex Legends Mobile It has practically everything that the original game has for PC and consoles as well, except for support for consoles. You can only use it after a future update. The makers of the game state that this game is separate from its older brother on PC and consoles. This means that the story and upcoming updates are theirs.

Apex Legends Mobile he is battle A royale game, just like Fortnite. So you are fighting against a large number of other players on an increasingly smaller playing field, and the last team is the winner. The different heroes are an important part of the game, as they play the characters who all have their own special power. This smartphone version features the hero Fade, who moves faster and can turn back time.

The lack of support for controllers is a big loss, because touch control on small phone screens quickly leads to fidgeting. In addition to, Apex Legends Mobile Successful mobile version of the best game.

Download Apex Legends Mobile for Android or iOS (Free).


You may have already come across it on social media: profile pictures in the form of drawn faces. The images appear to have been created by professional artists, but this is not the case. They just came from an app.

This app is called NewProfilePic† You can upload a photo that clearly shows your face and choose a style. Then the drawing is done using artificial intelligence.

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The company behind NewProfilePic It has offices in Russia, but states that it does not transfer your data. Additionally, the app uses servers from Amazon and Microsoft in the US. NewProfilePic Free to use with a large number of ads. They can be removed by subscribing to the pro version. This will cost you €28.49 per year.

Download NewProfilePic for Android or iOS (Free).




picture: NewProfilePic

Apple Podcast

Apple Podcasts is the first place to be interested in podcasting with an iPhone. But it is often not the last, because in terms of functionality, the application is still quite far behind its peers. Apple would like to see that changed, so a year ago they introduced a new design and since then more and more options have been slowly being added.

The latest update is in the Software Update for iPhone and iPad, iOS 15.5 and iPadOS 15.5. Big improvement is that Apple Podcast It now manages the storage space on your device better.

You can limit the number of saved episodes, which will automatically delete old episodes. You can also manually select the number of episodes to download automatically, or choose to download only episodes that have appeared in the last 7, 14, or 30 days.

Additionally, podcast makers are getting more and more exciting to use the app. They will be given the option to view paid episodes as well. It is also possible to sell an annual subscription.

Download Apple Podcasts for iOS (Free)

Apple Podcast

Apple Podcast

Apple Podcast

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