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Do you like more art movies and can’t always find what you’re looking for on Netflix? Fortunately, there is an alternative. In this review we take a look at CineMember, which has a large archive of arthouse movies.

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This is our review of CineMember

Streaming services like NetflixDisney Plus And Amazon Prime Video is a huge show, but that’s not to everyone’s taste. Although it occasionally shows art films, the catalog consists mainly of easily digestible products.

If you want to watch more challenging movies, you have to rely on movie theaters or website pickle, where you’ll find recent titles that you can rent for each lot. CineMember does things differently. This is simply the variant of Netflix with arthouse. For 9.99€ per month, you can watch about 950 unlimited movies. This can be done directly on your laptop or PC and via the app.

simple app

CineMember has an app for modern smart TVs, but most users rely on the mobile app. It simply works. For example, you cannot create profiles for different users. This is a shame, because it is possible to watch on four screens at the same time. It will be very useful if you and your father (or one of your relatives) have your own page.

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From the app, you can stream to your TV via a Chromecast or broadcast† It is also possible to download movies to your smartphone or tablet. Very nice if you are traveling by plane, for example. Not sure what to watch? You can search the show in different ways, just like you are used to on Netflix.

We watched some movies through CineMember. The good news is that the picture and sound quality is excellent. The service does not offer 4K or Dolby Atmos resolution, but this is not necessary for these types of movies.

Unfortunately, the stream was stuttering from time to time. Then the image froze and the movie took about ten seconds. Of course you can’t wait for that. Unfortunately, based on the reviews in the Play Store, we are not alone with this issue. CineMember will really have to work on this.

Especially old movies

So far, in this review, we have mainly talked about the technical aspects of CineMember. But of course it is about the show. Anyone who expects all movies to end in the cinema streaming service will be disappointed. It mainly contains old titles, which true enthusiasts may have already seen.

It is certainly not a punishment to look again at the complete works of Alex van Warmerdam. And sometimes you’ll find newer titles, but there are fewer than you might hope.

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Fortunately, CineMember offers a free 14-day trial. This way you can see for yourself if the offer fits your needs – and whether you think the service is technically working well.

movie member

CineMember BV

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