Are you passionate about swimming? This way you protect your hair from chlorine

A dip in the pool is relaxing, but less fun for your hair. Fortunately, there are several ways to protect your hair and scalp from the harmful effects of chlorine. With these tips, you can keep your locks healthy and shiny, even after countless dips in the pool.

Swimming is an ideal sport to keep fit, but as a swimming enthusiast, you probably also know that the chlorine in pool water can damage your hair. What exactly is chlorine and why is it so bad for your hair and scalp?

Chlorine disrupts the natural protective layer

“Chlorine keeps swimming water clean and bacteria-free, but the chemical attacks your hair and scalp when you take a dip,” dermatologist Petra Decrama told the paper. advertisement: “Your scalp naturally maintains a good balance, but it is always disturbed, for example by washing your hair and the sun. Chlorine also disrupts this natural barrier of your scalp and dries out your hair. It removes the natural protective layer of sebum on the scalp and hair. The cuticle, which is the outermost layer of your hair, opens up, causing hair to lose moisture, become drier, duller, and tangle more easily.

Dikrama also says that chlorine has a fairly high pH value. This means that it is not acidic (alkaline), while your scalp should be completely acidic. “Your scalp has an entire microbiome that contains beneficial bacteria and yeasts, and this has a beneficial effect on acid. This can easily be disrupted with the wrong shampoo and certainly with chlorine.” Fortunately, there are ways to protect your hair and scalp from this chemical.

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1. Wet your hair before swimming

A simple yet effective way to protect your hair from chlorinated water is to pre-condition it. Wetting your hair in the shower before diving into the pool ensures that your hair is saturated with clean water. This allows it to absorb less chlorine, which limits damage.

2. Use conditioner

Chlorine can dry out your hair and make it brittle and brittle. To keep your hair healthy, it is important to use conditioner regularly. Conditioner that closes the hair cuticles again. Apply the conditioner after washing your hair and leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing it out.

3. Protect your hair with a shower cap

A swimming cap is not only useful for keeping your hair dry, but it also protects against chlorinated water. Wearing a latex or silicone cap creates a protective barrier between your hair and the pool water. This greatly reduces exposure to chlorine and keeps your hair healthy.

4. Rinse your hair immediately after swimming

After swimming, it is wise to rinse your hair thoroughly with clean water. Rinse for a few minutes to remove any chlorine residue. This helps reduce chlorine build-up and reduce its harmful effects.

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