Art, Culture and Science: Sixteenth Edition of the Leiden Night Museum

Stilt dancers at the National Museum of Antiquities. (Photos: Emil van Aelst)

About 4,500 people came to the 16th annual Night Museum Leiden on Saturday. At various locations downtown, visitors can enjoy dance performances, live music and interactive exhibits.

With over eighty presentations, lectures and other activities, the scope was enormous. From dancers on stilts with large propellers wandering in “slow motion” through the temple hall of the National Museum of Archaeology to the acrobats from the Miloko Circus who danced on the edge of the Museum de Valk Mill.

Live music that can be heard in the attractively lit Hortus Botanicus, including band Talks Make Do and ska company De Kiloknallers, also attracted a large crowd. Leiden Shorts also showed short films in different places in the city and people could participate in different activities, such as quizzes, tours, tastings and all kinds of workshops.

Museum Night Leiden is organized by the Museum Night Leiden Committee and the Museum Night Leiden Foundation.

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