Asylum and Immigration – Seven officials of the municipality of Kolfontein were arrested on charges of fraud

The file is the result of a complaint from FPS Home Affairs and FPS Foreign Affairs, which found irregularities in about fifteen foreign files, more specifically with regard to the issuance of identity documents and passports.

According to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, these documents would have enabled illegal aliens to settle in Belgium, but for the most part in the UK. The first trace investigated, computer hacking, seems unlikely according to preliminary results. “The question arises whether the internal coding of incorrect information in the municipal computer system was committed by one or more employees of the municipal administration,” says the prosecutor’s office.

After a house search in the municipal administration on Wednesday, seven people were arrested and detained. One of them was released. “The six others will be questioned again on Thursday before being brought before an investigative judge,” the Bergen public prosecutor’s office said.

In the coming weeks, the many documents seized will be examined by investigators to determine whether encryption operations were in fact carried out voluntarily, whether compensation was received and to assess the exact scope of the facts.

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