At least 46 bodies found in Texas truck

The fire brigade stated at a press conference that 16 people were injured, 12 adults and 4 children. They were “conscious” when they were taken to nearby hospitals.

Temperatures in San Antonio soared to over 39°C on Monday as humidity rose. Fire chief Charles Hood said there was no water in the car for the migrants, and no air conditioning.

The truck was found next to the track in a neighborhood southwest of the city. Pictures on social media show that emergency services have turned up en masse. Dozens of police cars and ambulances line the road. Police say three people have been arrested. It is still under investigation what exactly they should do with the case. Also still searching for the driver.

according to Washington Post The truck was found by the US immigration department, which specializes in human smuggling. The Mexican consul is on his way to where the truck was found. San Antonio is about 250 kilometers from the Mexican border.

Biden’s responsibility

Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard condemned the “tragedy” on Twitter. He said that although the nationalities of the victims were not yet known, the Mexican consul was on his way to the scene.

In recent months, record numbers of immigrants have crossed the US-Mexico border, prompting much criticism of US President Joe Biden’s immigration policies. Texas Governor, Abbott, blamed the dead immigrants. “These are the deadly consequences of his refusal to enforce the law,” he wrote on Twitter.

In 2019, a similar drama took place in Europe. A refrigerated truck was found in the British town of Essex 39 dead Vietnamese immigrants found

Reuters photo

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