Athlon helps customers avoid parking fines with a free regulation tweak

Using a parking disc irregularly can result in a fine, if the officer is careful. Because there are still many old parking discs in circulation in Belgium that are no longer compatible with current legislation, Mobility company Athlon Belgium is organizing an awareness campaign with free compatible parking discs.

In the blue zone, you must place your parking disc in a visible place on the windshield of your car. However, European rules strictly define what this parking disc should look like. Since 31 March 2003, the use of the European standard parking disc has been mandatory, which in our country means that it must have a blue cover with the text “Arrival time” in the three national languages ​​(Dutch, French and German). “.

All other forms are invalid – if you deviate from the form by even one detail, you risk being dropped without penalty. For example, parking discs that are still divided into quadrants or that only have Dutch and French text at the top do not comply with what is also stipulated in Article 27.1.1 of the Highway Code.

Free parking disk compatible

To help customers avoid paying the fee, Athlon Belgium reminds them of the rules with a special promotion and a parking compatible disc can be ordered free of charge. This can be done centrally by the fleet manager or individually by the hired driver himself. The offer is valid until the end of January 2023.

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