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Berkel en Rodenrijs – Avance Roses grows high quality red Naomi roses all year round. Roses grow in the best conditions in the greenhouse at Berkel en Rodenrijs.

With Avance Flowers they focus on the local consumer. “We really enjoy direct contact with consumers,” says Frank van der Meijs. He runs the company with his brother Robin.

Origin – Avance Roses
Grandpa Quirien van der Meijs began growing roses in the 1970s. This company was continued and expanded by three of his sons, including father Joss of both brothers. In 2007, Robin and Frank, aged 25 and 22 at the time, joined the company themselves and then began growing roses in Berkeley in Rhodings. The first period was tough due to the financial crisis they ended up in, but now 15 years later there is a thriving company known as the place to get beautiful and fresh roses.

Kweekproces – Avans Roses
The area of ​​u200bu200bthe nursery is three hectares, which is equivalent to six football fields. Every day, the company and its 30 employees ensure that the best quality roses are produced all year round.

Roses are harvested twice a day, 365 days a year so we can sort an equal batch of roses. Avance Roses has a very advanced rose sorting machine for this purpose, which fully automatically evaluates roses by maturity, height, stem thickness, bud size and color. Rose bundles are also automatically collected and packaged for every 10.

Rose plants are placed on rockwool slabs in planting gutters and watered with nutrients via a drip hose. Excess water is collected, 100% UV disinfected and diluted with fresh food. After that it is appropriate to give it to the plants again. Excess water samples are taken in the laboratory every 3 weeks. The extent of nutrient absorption is checked and the nutritional recipe is adjusted accordingly.

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Without Co2, plants and trees do not grow. Therefore, such nutrients are as indispensable to the plant as water and light. This Co2 is supplied by OCAP via a pipeline from Pernis and released at a Shell refinery. The carbon dioxide that would have been blown into the air is now well used.

About 95% of all roses produced by Avance Roses are exported. Most of these roses are shipped to the UK, Germany, Scandinavia, France, Belgium, Poland, Austria and Switzerland. So about 5% reside in the Netherlands.

“It takes a lot of knowledge, experience, experience and a lot of technical combinations to be able to grow a quality rose all year round. It really is a great sport!” says Robin. “We really enjoy direct contact with consumers”

Round Flowers – Avance Flowers
In April of this year, the front of the company, where the flower vanes are located, was completely repaired.

The main reason was the unsafe situation that arose with many visitors. Previously, there were not enough parking spaces, which means that the exit was closed at some point. A spacious, well-arranged layout with 14 parking spaces, including disabled parking spaces, has now been selected. The flower vanes were set up in parallel with the N470. This gave everyone a professional look.

Floral feature of rotors:
available 24/7;
Fresh roses and mixed bouquets.
Various colors are available;
conditioned at 5 ° C;
Equipped with evaporating water
freedom of choice for the consumer;
Contactless payment via PIN.

Mixed packages are still configured and tied in a traditional way (by hand). The driving force behind all this beauty is Eileen, who, as Robin’s partner, is also involved in the rest of the company. After being trained in flower tying and 10 years of experience working for a florist, she has now found her challenge.

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Of course she uses roses from Avance Flowers for mixed bouquets, but also other flowers and foliage cut from fellow growers from Berkel Rodenrijs and the surrounding area. The composition and colors of the mixed bouquets change with the change of seasons.

Flower Shop – Avance Flowers
Since May 2020, there is also a web store (www.Avance-Flowers.nl) to meet changing consumer needs.

There was a demand for multiple colors of roses, taller roses, more choice and clarity about the cost of a particular arrangement of roses. They have now absorbed all this in a clear and accessible way in a very user friendly web store.

Features of roses from the online store:
different colors;
special quantity
different sizes (70/60/50 cm);
laminated bottom side
Add Anniversary Rose.
add a text card;
loose or individually packed;
Rose petal baskets.
Pay securely online.

Orders can be received from Avance with a delay of one day; If the order was made on Monday before 0.00, for example, it can be received on Wednesday from 8.00. This is a conscious choice, because not all color types are available in stock and therefore only fresh roses are used. Webstore orders cannot be received on Sundays. To keep costs acceptable and control quality, they currently choose not to ship orders.

Care Tips – Avance Flowers
In order to give each customer the best experience with the Dutch floriculture product, they advise to use the care tips:

Use a glass jar
Disinfect the vase with chlorine.
Fill the vase the cold tap water
add cut flower food;
remove the paper to the edge of the water;
cut 2 cm from the bottom;
Check the water level regularly;
Charge the water in time.

Repeat this procedure after a week for the longest possible life of the vase.

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In addition, pay attention to the following:

no full sun or drafts;
Not near the fruit basket or heating.

If the care instructions are observed, it is possible that the life of the vase will last at least 10 days, because roses often last longer.

If the roses do not stand for 10 days, despite following these tips, the consumer can always come back for a new batch of roses of the same value.

The 7-day vase lifetime guarantee applies to mixed bouquets, because mixing flowers shortens the life of the vase. To prevent improper use of this arrangement, they naturally require a copy of your payment receipt and a photo of the flowers.

Dutch flower producer ambassador
Dutch floriculture products are world-renowned for their beautiful colors, life of vases, and quality. Avance Flowers now wants to enable the Dutch consumer to learn about all these wonderful Dutch products in an accessible way.

caller data:
Pastor Verburghweg 7
2651 kW Berkel & Rodenrijs
Phone: 0642390465 (Frank)
Email: [email protected]


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