Barbara Bass (VB) wants foreign reception centers: “The lucky ones stay away if they can’t enter Europe”

According to Barbara Baas, leader of the Vlaams Belang parliamentary party, Belgium’s asylum policy could learn something from countries like Denmark and the United Kingdom. In an interview sunday He pleads with foreign reception centers to reduce asylum fees.

According to Boss, that invoice is now a billion euros. States such as Rwanda and Tunisia have a very simple bill of hosting policy for non-Europeans seeking asylum when their applications are considered. “If we shake a bag of money, we will definitely find willing countries,” said the chairman of the group. “Yes, it will cost something, but it will be less than today. The number will be less, because fortune-seekers will stay away if they know they cannot enter Europe. That will make a huge difference. Don’t forget that six out of ten asylum seekers are rejected today. But what will they do then? Illegally.” Disappear here. It is urgent time that we commit to a forced return.

If pressure

Bass doesn’t believe the government is putting itself at such a disadvantage compared to countries that offer such asylum. “Do you think we have no way of putting pressure on our hands?” She continued. “Many of those countries need Europe more than the other way around. Make your development aid dependent on it, attach trade agreements: all the sticks we use so little today.

Family meeting

One thing is clear to the Vlams Belong politician: the current asylum policy is a mess and needs to be overhauled. “You can reduce regular arrivals by family reunification. I recently asked Secretary of State De Moore how many people have entered our country through this channel in the last two years. You know what her answer was? She doesn’t know. Isn’t that a delusion? It’s about the largest regular migration channel, Isn’t it? Her policy is getting completely out of hand,” Bass concluded.

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