Battenberg tape for Zenivali police cars

From this weekend, you may spot police vehicles in traffic in a completely different way. For example, the Zennevallei Police District, along with about 30 other districts and units of the Federal Police, are participating in a pilot project for “Battenburg striping” of official vehicles.

Battenburg is a pattern of colored blocks aimed at high visibility. The tape is mainly used to indicate emergency vehicles. The use of such a pattern originated in the 1990s in the United Kingdom with British police forces, and is therefore intended to increase visibility in daylight and night and a pattern that clearly distinguishes police vehicles from other vehicles. Since then, the use of such a pattern has been adopted by other emergency services. First for some emergency services in Belgium and now also as a trial for some police cars.

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Several police districts were selected for the pilot project. Participating police areas are representative and diverse (rural, urban or mixed). The Minister of the Interior has already given the green light to continue implementing the project. For example, various proposals were made in the field of future planning for police vehicles. The intention is to land at the end of 2023 and to achieve a unified scheme for the whole of Belgium.

Zennevallei Police District has already returned three cars to Battenburg style, according to its own design. As of the end of this week, it will be published and used in interventions. The tape’s accents are: increased visibility, safety and identification of police vehicles. VIAS will also conduct a study to assess the visibility and recognition of Battenburg-branded police vehicles. Zennevallei Police District will also cooperate in this matter.

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