Belgian dominance in Netherlands: Liam Everts wins grand prix ahead of Lukas Koenen, Jago Geerts comes fourth | Motocross

In the MX2 Championship, Liam Everts (KTM) won the Dutch Grand Prix, the 16th of 19 World Championship rounds. This is his second Grand Prix win in his career. Lukas Koenen (Husqvarna) was second, and Jago Geerts (Yamaha) was fourth on his return.

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Liam Everts came third in series one and second in series two. For 19-year-old Everett, that was enough to win the jackpot.

Lukas Koenen won Group 2 and finished second in the Grand Prix, a good result after missing last week’s Swedish Grand Prix due to concussion.

Jago Geerts (fourth) also made a satisfactory return. He broke his collarbone 3 weeks ago.

Italian Andrea Adamo (KTM) remains at the top of the World Championship standings. He finished fifth today.

Tours will follow in September in Türkiye, Italy and Great Britain.

Results Series 1:

1. Simon Langenfelder (German)
2. Andrea Adamo (Ita)
3. Liam Everts
4. Jago Girts
6. Lukas Koenen

Results Series 2:

1. Lukas Koenen
2. Liam Everts
3. Jago Girts

MX2 GP results in the Netherlands:

1. Liam Everts
2. Lukas Koenen
3. Simon Langenfelder (German)
4. Jago Girts
5. Andrea Adamo (Etta)

Everts: “I didn’t expect this”

“I’m still recovering from the rather difficult fight with Jago,” Liam Everts said afterwards. “But of course I am very happy. I did not expect that day. I was hoping to get on the podium, but winning is a different matter. It was a surprise that I was able to pass Gago in the last metres.”

Geerts: “This exceeds all expectations”

“I didn’t expect this either,” Jago Geerts replied after his return. “I would have been happy to get a top 10 place. This is beyond all expectations. So I’m happy with the result this weekend, as I was able to continue to grow and had little to no problems with my shoulder. “It’s unfortunate that Liam was right ahead of me for the podium, ” He winked.

MX2 position
racer engine points
1. Andrea Adamo (ETA) KTM 826
2. Jago Girts Yamaha 759
3. Simon Langenfelder (German) Gas gas 755
4. Liam Everts KTM 734
5. Lukas Koenen Husqvarna 577
14. Sasha Koenen KTM 258
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