Belgian startup Cowboy is also bringing smart e-bikes to the UK, Italy and Spain Economy

Cowboy, the Belgian startup that produces electric bikes, is expanding its sales to the UK, Italy and Spain. The company is already active in eight countries.

Cowboy launched its smart electric bike in April 2018. A new model was released in April this year and the Belgian startup has also entered the German, Austrian, Dutch and French markets. At the beginning of November, Cowboy made its UK debut. “The bike will also be available in Italy and Spain by the end of November, although these countries will have to make do for now without the possibility of testing the bike at home,” the company stated.

The bike can initially only be ordered online via the Cowboy website. From mid-November, the e-bike manufacturer will also make the bike available in some retailers in Belgium. The Cowboy Bike will then be available in twenty Fnac, Fiets branches! Decathlon is available. For the company, this is primarily a test. Retailers will also offer the bike online.

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“We have increased our sales five-fold in 2019 so far compared to the previous year,” said Adrian Rose, CEO and co-founder of Cowboy. “To continue this growth, we are looking at all possible distribution channels, including retail. If this first test in Belgium goes well, the potential to expand quickly is huge, as well as in other markets.”

In total, all of the Cowboy bikes have traveled more than 3 million kilometres, which, according to Ross, translates into a CO2 saving of around 400 tonnes.

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The two-wheeled vehicle weighs 16 kilograms, and the independent battery lasts up to 70 kilometers. The bike is also connected to the Internet. Two-wheeler owners get a secure key to start the bike via the mobile app and can access the integrated navigation system. The electric motor’s automatic assistance also measures the cyclist’s cadence and adapts so that the driver does not have to change speed.

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