Best Android Apps of the Week Google Play Store 3

in my dear appsWe discuss a great selection of them every time apps can inspire you. This time we present, among other things, a survey application, an application to start a workout and another for winter sports enthusiasts.

Bergfex / Ski – The ultimate ski areas for winter sports app

If you are going to ski or snowboard this year, it is wise to do so Bergflex / Ski To install on your phone. This application allows you to look at camera images of more than 5000 webcams from the main ski areas. You can also keep a close eye on the weather forecast, and the app also keeps you informed via notifications if desired. It is also possible to compare several ski areas and mark them as favourite.

There are also snow forecast maps and you can also request detailed information about each ski area. This way you can find out the cost of the ski pass and you can immediately rent equipment or book a nearby hotel.

Best Android Apps of the Week Google Play Store 3

background eraser

with the background eraserThe application allows you to cut the subject of the photo so that there is a transparent background. This app focuses on simplicity. There is an automatic mode that estimates the pixels that belong together and then removes the background, but you can also highlight the subject manually. The latter works with great precision and after that you also get a transparent background. You can then give this cut out shape a different background. The second possibility for this app is to keep the background, but cut out a part of the image which then becomes transparent.

Best Android Apps of the Week Google Play Store 3

Start running. Walking for beginners

Want to build more fitness in 2022? Then make sure you have a good strategy. the start runningThe app helps you with that and gradually lets you get used to running longer distances. Moreover, the app can also calculate your calories and display where you walked on the map. You will see comprehensive statistics after each session. As you progress a little further, you increase in level and are always presented with a new goal.

Start running.  Walking for beginners

Best Android Apps of the Week Google Play Store 3

Microsoft Lens – PDF Scanner

Microsoft lens It is a useful scanning application for keeping notes from whiteboards. You can use your phone’s camera to take a picture first and then the editing section comes to make everything more readable. There are special templates, among other things, for book pages and business cards.

However, the app can do much more than that. Microsoft Lens includes algorithms that read handwriting and then convert it to text. You can work directly with those texts in tools like Word, OneNote, and PowerPoint. Another useful feature is the function to visualize tables so that you can immediately use the data in Excel.

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