Better gymnasium acoustics in a historic setting

top performance for Nina Darwell At one time he gave a great impetus to gymnastics. Eddie Van Schevenstein, Director of the Gymnastics Climb Association: “Jimal Terlinden has become too small for many new members and for many gymnastics applications.” An extension was therefore necessary and the acoustics received extra attention in this new building. The architect went looking for a perforated wall solution that could be installed quickly. Bin Discover van Metzicht op zee architecture: “We were looking for a product that could be prefabricated, so that there was little work on site and the gymnasium was closed quickly. Of course in combination with the necessary insulation and acoustic values. We contacted several contractors, but they all came to an agreement.” Same solution: Usystem isolate of Unilin“.

Qualitative wall solution with technical support

contractor Frank Westenburg He confirms: “We first checked if we could attach a perforated sheet to the sandwich element ourselves. But when it turned out that Unilin Insulation could offer the complete package, this was the perfect solution. We already had experience dealing with roof elements, but this was It is the first time we used it in vertical application.It went smoothly thanks to Unilin Insulation’s technical support and suitable equipment.

Good room acoustics are increasingly becoming a requirement for government contracts. Therefore, the architect was assisted by the Office of Acoustical Engineering to determine the correct acoustic values. Ben Deschipper: “The whole room is now punchy, but with Usystem’s performance, half was already enough. We opted for the finish using Finnish spruce, which had a warmer look.

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Collaborate and build constructively

Also an architect Jay Van Setters With a view of the sea, the architects are satisfied with the renovation and expansion of the hall, and the good cooperation with Unilin Insulation. “In the beginning there was the search for the perfect methodology and components. We had to take many factors into account: the great free height we had to achieve, the fire resistance, the great span, the acoustics, the vertical application, … together with the Unilin insulation, all of this It went completely smoothly.

Due to space constraints, this hall evolved into a gymnasium that is now twice as large. The building therefore occupies a more prominent place in a private setting: a historic garden with an accompanying orchard. Inside the room there is a natural warm atmosphere. The neutral color palette is created on the one hand by using lightly tinted concrete (as a strong foundation for gymnastics mats and trampolines) and on the other hand by the natural look of Usystem’s interior finish.

In this gymnastics hall in Merksim, the talents of tomorrow train in a well-insulated and acoustically efficient room.

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