Biden nominates the admiral as the first woman on the General Staff | outside

Franchetti studied journalism among other things, but soon switched to the Department of Defense. Biden credits her for her 38 years of experience, which includes commanding aircraft carriers, becoming the second woman to become a four-star admiral in the Navy. “Throughout her career, Admiral Franchitti has demonstrated extensive experience in both the policy and operational realms,” said the president.

In September of last year, Franchitti was sworn in as the second-highest position in the Navy. However, another admiral, Samuel Paparo, was the starting favourite. If the Senate approves her promotion, she will be the first woman on the influential eight-member Joint Chiefs of Staff.

The General Staff includes, in addition to the chief and deputy chief, the chiefs of the US Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, National Guard and Space Forces. The US Coast Guard is officially an armed force and is also led by a woman. However, Admiral Linda Fagan is not a member of the General Staff because the Coast Guard is not under the Department of Defense, but under the Department of Homeland Security.

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