Biden took secret documents with him, but the “older man with a weak memory” was not prosecuted outside

to updateUS President Joe Biden took secret documents with him when he left office, but he will not be prosecuted for that. This concerns various documents related to national security. This was announced by Special Prosecutor Robert Hoare on Thursday, after reports from various American media.

According to Hoare, there are several reasons why Biden should not be prosecuted. For example, the current US President may have taken some documents home with him while he was still in office as Vice President. Then he allowed it. The report also questions the 81-year-old president’s memory performance.

In late 2022, classified documents were found in Biden’s office at the Penn Biden Center, a research center affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania. Subsequently, secret documents were also discovered during a search of his home in Wilmington, Delaware. The documents date back to Biden’s period as Vice President (2009-2017) and as a Senator.

The documents include a 2009 handwritten memo by former President Barack Obama about Afghanistan and notes from intelligence briefings.

Hoare noted in the report that Biden cooperated with the investigation and returned secret documents after they were discovered, noting the significant differences between this case and the case against former President Donald Trump, who was indicted last year in connection with his secret dealings. Documents after leaving the White House. However, the former Republican president refused to return the secret documents.

Biden responded

The Democratic president spoke briefly about the report during a speech to party members in Virginia, and said: “The bottom line is that the special prosecutor in my case decided not to press charges.” “This case is now closed.”

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“I will continue to do what I’ve always done, just like you, while continuing to focus on my job, my job as president,” Biden added.

“An old man with a weak memory”

But some Republicans accuse the attorney general of applying a double standard. Not only do they point to similarities to the case against Trump, they also believe the report also states that Biden is escaping prosecution due to his advanced age and alleged poor memory.

Hoyer’s report describes Biden as “an old man with a bad memory.” For example, Biden “could not remember when he was Vice President (from 2009 to 2017, ed.), or even “events that occurred several years ago, when his son Beau died” (2015, ed.).

Therefore, the White House is not satisfied with this part of the investigation. “We ask that you review and change the descriptions of President Biden’s memory to reflect them in a manner that is within your expertise and authority.” Biden advisor writes in response to the report.

“We do not believe the report’s treatment of President Biden’s memory is accurate or appropriate. He added: “The report uses extremely biased language to describe an everyday occurrence among witnesses: a failure to remember events that occurred years ago.”

The White House had received a copy of the document one day before the report was published.

look. Staff found classified documents in President Biden’s home

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