Big improvements in the weather app

One of the major improvements in iOS 15 is the complete redesign of the Weather app. This is undoubtedly an app that most iPhone users access regularly. There is not only a new interface, but also more weather information. This makes external weather apps obsolete.

Not only is there a newly formatted overview with the weather for the next 10 days, but there are also several new sections with maps that visually show precipitation, air quality and temperature. It is also possible to get a push notification when rain starts or stops.

Visual upgrade and new maps

The home screen of the app doesn’t show much data, but it is better designed. Now you not only see the temperature, but also get a visual indicator. This also applies to air pressure, for example. Where iOS 14 only shows a number, iOS 15 also visually shows whether this is average, higher, or lower.

weather app ios 15 main view
The new Weather app home screen in iOS 15 – tap/tap to enlarge. (Screenshots: OMT / Raymon Mens)

The most noticeable improvements are the new maps. These show temperature, precipitation and air quality. Not just for where you are right now, but practically for the whole world. In Europe there is only air quality data from Belgium, Switzerland and Portugal. In addition to your current location, Maps also shows where you’re already following the weather in the Weather app.

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Is the weather not right at all? Then, you can also provide feedback on iOS 15. For example, you can indicate that it is warmer or cooler than the weather app indicates. Other weather conditions such as smoke or rainbows can also be reported. It is not yet clear what Apple will do with these notes. In any case, don’t expect a push notification when you report a rainbow on your street.

Weather app ios 15 maps
Maps showing temperature, precipitation radar and air quality – click/tap to enlarge. (Screenshots: OMT / Raymon Mens)

Rain Alertsتنبيه

Talk about push notifications. Apple also says that the new Weather app will let you know when rain is expected in the form of snow or rain at your current location. There are now many third-party apps for this purpose, but they are not always good for your privacy.

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In the past, weather apps were sometimes found to secretly sell data. This is especially interesting for data collection because they always have access to your site. Of course, not every third-party weather app does this, but with Apple you definitely know it’s true.

iOS 15 Available in September

The new operating system for iPhone and iPad will be available to everyone in September. There is currently a beta release for developers and curious consumers who don’t mind a crash here and there that can be General test version trying.

All the improvements and changes that iOS 15 beta 3 brings iOS

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What’s new in iOS 15: Big improvements in Weather

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