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WhatsApp sees many social media doing all kinds of new things and obviously doesn’t want to be left behind: it comes with many useful new possibilities, including the ability to listen to voices during another conversation.

Many innovations in voice messages

The updates come in the stable version of the app, hence the variant that most people have on their phones, and the beta variant. The trial version is the beta version and what comes in this variant often comes to the stable version, but that takes a little longer. Let’s start with the stable version of The WhatsAppbecause there are at least six new jobs.

New jobs might be a bit of a big word, mainly because they are existing, improved jobs. So the voice messages (popularly called voices) are much better. You can now pause while recording, so you don’t lose your entire story if a neighbor suddenly decides to start digging. Want to hear what someone has to say, but want to text someone else at the same time? This is also possible, because now you can listen to messages and in the meantime go to another conversation and continue listening.

Voice Hand Tools

WhatsApp comes with a total of six innovations Voice messages

  • Play outside the chat: Listen to a voice message outside the chat so you can multitask or read and respond to other messages.
  • Pause/Resume Recording: While recording an audio message, you now have the option to pause and resume recording when you are ready. This is useful when you are interrupted or need to think for a while.
  • Visualization of the sound wave: With the visual display of the sound of the voice message, you can proceed with the recording more easily.
  • Listen to draft recording: Listen to your voice messages before sending them.
  • Remember the play point: If you pause an audio message while listening, you can pick up where you left off when you return to the chat.
  • Quick Message Replay: Play voice messages 1.5 or 2 times faster to hear both regular and forwarded messages faster.
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A stable WhatsApp update is expected on all devices this week.

Camera Adjustments

In addition to this, several innovations were also seen in the beta version of WhatsApp. For example, the camera function for people who have an Android device is finally getting better, after it was already adapted for iOS users months ago. When you open the camera inside WhatsApp, you won’t see a complete reel with your last few photos taken, but only a thumbnail of your most recent photos taken. It can save a lot of embarrassing questions (and necessary distraction). In terms of icons, the camera also looks more refined than before.

It has also been noted in the beta that WhatsApp is testing sending larger files. So you can soon Share photos up to 2 GB† A great advantage, because this means that you no longer have to access WeTransfer, for example, when you want to send a better quality photo to someone. At the moment, the quality of the photos you send via WhatsApp is significantly lower. Finally, there will be another innovation for WhatsApp, although this is only a small innovation: soon you will be able to send new contacts in your phone a WhatsApp message or a WhatsApp call more easily. You just have to tap on someone’s number and you already have the option to call or send a message to someone in WhatsApp.

hide whatsapp status

In the WhatsApp icon there is more to come, which is the option to close your online status for some people. This way you can choose who can see if you were online or the last time you were online, which previously caused a lot of problems because people see that you were online, but you didn’t reply to a message. There will also be an innovation for WhatsApp callers, because the call screen of the messaging service will be different. according to Wapita info It will be more modern and compact, although not completely new functions have been added.

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Many innovations for the messaging app, but it is also the most popular messaging service in the West. Although Apple’s iMessage is also popular, WhatsApp sees 2 billion users online every month: a huge number. iMessage has 1.3 billion.

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