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A few months ago, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, came under fire before Organizers around the world. The exchange will not abide by the applicable rules and measures have been taken against the exchange by the governments of various countries. Binance is now trying to make peace with the UK’s FCA.

Bitcoin beurs Binance

according to Sunday Telegraph Binance is busy behind the scenes trying to obtain a license from Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)State Financial Data Authority. Notably, earlier this year, a similar request from Binance was denied by the FCA.

According to the CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao, the team is working hard to bring about some structural changes in the regulation of the exchange. A key issue in this cooperation is the strengthening of cooperation with regulators around the world.

“We are making some fundamental changes to our organizational structures, internal products and processes, and the way we interact with regulators.”

The exchange hopes that by making these changes, the UK’s FCA will give Binance the edge of the doubt and issue a license.

Soon iDeal for Binance again?

Earlier this year, the FCA attacked the Binance platform and banned the exchange from trading on it futures For clients, European Binance clients can no longer do this SEPA payments to do. The party that offered such payments to European clients, Clear Junction, quickly indicated that they no longer wanted any relationship with Binance.

For the Dutch, this meant that payments with iDeal were no longer possible on the exchange. If the FCA eventually agrees to renew Binance’s license, there is a chance that SEPA payments will be possible again in the future, which would be a good development for many users in Europe.

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