Blizzard’s party will be back in 2022

Also this year Blizzcon was canceled. Fan Agreement in Blizzard This time may also not be caused by the Coronavirus. To ease the pain, the game company has already indicated that there will be a global event in early 2022.

BlizzCon is under construction

“Building a personal BlizzCon is epic and complex that takes months to prepare. Not just for us, but for the many talented production partners, esports professionals, hosts, artists, artists and other collaborators we work with locally and internationally to put it all together,” said producer Saralene Smith.

The continuing complexity and uncertainty of the pandemic has affected our ability to move forward on many of these fronts. In the end, we have now passed the point where we can develop the kind of event we want to see. ”It’s a pity that fans are now missing out on a great event, especially since November is still so long coming and vaccinations are coming soon.

BlizzConline and?

However, we hope that Blizzard will make nice ads for their games by then, as they usually do at Blizzcon. Maybe it can be treated like BlizzConline In February, though, the gaming company has already announced that this is indeed the plan for the global event in 2022. More about this event will be announced soon.

It is very unfortunate that BlizzCon is canceled this year. Thirty years ago Blizzard was founded, so it’s a year of celebration for the successful game company behind World of Warcraft, Diablo, Overwatch and Hearthstone. On the other hand, an online party means more people can join the celebration. We all want to know more about Blizzard games, especially now that many people have given a chance to World of Warcraft again, partly due to the Coronavirus.

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